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Blackjack is one of the world's most popular casino games today.You can now play it online for real money prizes at any of the casino sites listed below.

Blackjack was not born in a particular location or on a specific date. It was first mentioned in the novel written by Miguel de Cervantes that was published in 1613. In the novel, Cervantes describes playing a game called veintiuna (twenty-one in Spanish). The latter half of the 18th century is when we first hear of people playing this game in France and Britain. Already well-known in the United States at the turn of the 19th century was the game of Vingt-Un.

In its early iterations, the card game was played with a deck of 52 cards and could accommodate anywhere from two to seven players. But in 1966, a mathematician named Edward Thorp published a book called Beat the Dealer that would forever alter the way the game was played. In this book, Thorp explains his card-counting method and demonstrates how to gain a decisive edge over the casino.

The popularity of the book has inspired people to form groups with the goal of cheating casinos. After suffering enormous losses and engaging in a number of legal battles, casinos were granted permission to alter the rules. The game now features additional decks in addition to more advanced shuffling techniques.

Those That Are Most Cherished

There are a lot of different variations of blackjack. When you play it in an online casino, the variations that are listed below are ones that you are likely to come across, depending on the gambling platform that you use. However, it is possible that you will come across all of them.

Blackjack in the American Style

Blackjack was not originally played in its classic form in the United States, but this is the country where the game was developed. Along with its European counterpart, this variant of the game is the one that sees the most action overall. In the original version of the game, the dealers are allowed to see their entire hands of cards before the player has the opportunity to make any choice.

Blackjack played in Europe

The players, rather than the dealer, take the initiative in the European variation of the game. Before making a move, the dealer is required to wait for the players to do so. When compared to its American counterpart, the European Twenty-One has additional rules that must be followed. These features would include the ability to split only once and a reduction in the number of opportunities to double down.

Vegas Strip

The stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard that is lined with high-end casinos is known as "The Strip," and it gets its name from this fact. The rendition that is played there has its own subtleties and has become one of the most popular variations over the years.


Players in a game of blackjack with a switch receive two hands instead of one, which is a significant departure from all other variations. The second cards in each player's hand are then available for trading or switching (hence the name of the game). The gameplay is completely altered as a result of having such a feature.

Matches Made in Heaven

Perfect Pairs was initially a secondary wager, but it quickly became popular enough to warrant its own variation. Before the cards are even dealt, players have the option of betting on the Perfect Pairs side, which is also known as the 21+3 side.


Card counting was rendered nearly impossible as a result of the changes brought about by Thorp's book. However, blackjack is still considered a game of skill because even the most skilled players need to have a good understanding of probability to win. There is a plethora of online resources available where you can put your preferred variation through its paces before attempting it for real money.