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The most comprehensive list of the best live dealer roulette tables and casinos for USA players. Reviews, bonuses, promotions, and free spins. Everything you need to play today.

Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is consistently voted as one of the most popular games to play at live online casinos. This game is popular among players from all over the world, and fortunately for them, there are now dozens of software providers that are offering it. Players from all over the world enjoy playing it. Not only do many providers make this game available, but those providers also now support multiple languages, making it possible for players from all over the world to engage in live dealer roulette with croupiers who are fluent in their native tongue.


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If you aren't already familiar with how live roulette is played, by the time you reach the bottom of this page, you will be. However, the appearance of the roulette wheel in this game is not typical of a "video game." You are in the presence of a real person who is actually operating the roulette wheel right in front of your very eyes. On top of that, the majority of good roulette dealers or hosts will engage in conversation with you while you play. You are able to ask questions in the chat box, and if you have a positive experience, some service providers also give you the option to tip them.

The experience of playing roulette with a live dealer is almost identical to being in the physical casino. When playing computer-generated versions of roulette, you won't need to be concerned about any shady dealings that could take place. The only thing you get to do is place your wagers, watch a real person spin the wheel, and cross your fingers that you win some money.

Now that you have some background information about live roulette, let's take a look at some of the best places where you can actually play online for real money so you can get started.

Live Dealer roulette is the same game that you would find in any retail casino; however, similar to blackjack, all bets and payouts are made digitally, making the action move much faster than it would in a traditional casino. Bet minimums in live dealer roulette are typically lower than those found in traditional land-based casinos; in fact, they can start as low as one dollar in some cases.

In live dealer roulette, there are frequently several distinct variations available. You can join a table that is physically situated on the casino floor if you play the roulette variation known as Casino Floor Roulette. A real dealer is stationed smack dab in the middle of the casino gaming area, presiding over a fairly standard roulette game that you can participate in and enjoy without leaving the coziness of your own home. This is the option that allows for the most interaction. A variation of roulette known as Live Auto Roulette may also be made available to players in certain environments; this version of the game does not feature a real-life dealer. Despite everything being automated, you are still provided with a video stream and a real, tangible wheel to spin. Because the wheel will automatically reset itself and spin around once per minute, this particular "live" gaming option is one of the more expedient ones.

After the wagers have been placed, the dealer will let go of the white ball inside the roulette wheel, and the players will watch to see where it lands. Winners will see their winnings deposited into their online casino accounts almost immediately after their wins have been verified.

Here Are Four Good Reasons to Participate in Live Roulette

  • 1. A Wide Variety of Roulette Games Available At a live casino, players have the option of playing European, American, or French roulette, just as they would in a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. There will also be up-to-the-minute variations that are exclusive to the online version of the game, such as speed or mini roulette. The gameplay of each of these games is distinctive and entertaining, and they are only available at online casinos. In addition, new games are added to the selection of options regularly.
  • 2. Interaction with a Live Dealer Players at a casino that offers live roulette have the opportunity to interact directly with the croupier. In most cases, this entails the use of a chat function, in which players can type in messages and the dealer can respond to them by speaking into a microphone. The players have a much more personal connection with the croupier than they would at an online casino, and the games are designed to be enjoyable, welcoming, and interactive.
  • 3. Real Outcomes Live roulette, on the other hand, differs from standard online casino games in that it is played in real time and with a real dealer. The players are able to observe the dealer as he or she performs each step of the process, from the initial roll of the dice to the final throw of the ball. Playing online live roulette is the best option to take if you want to simulate the experience of being in a physical casino.
  • 4. High-Definition Video Streams Live roulette games played via the internet are broadcast from specialized studios that are equipped with cutting-edge video technology. The majority of the time, the games are filmed in high definition (HD) and from a variety of perspectives, so that players can observe each and every facet of the action, beginning to end. It is a completely engrossing experience that ensures high-caliber gameplay.

The Most Important Things to Learn from Live Online Roulette

  • 1) Outstanding Quality - The cherry-picked online roulette casinos have carefully curated selections that can take American gamblers to an actual live dealer roulette table. This is one of the benefits of playing at an online casino. This is made possible by the exceptional High Definition (HD) quality of the streams that are developed by the very best software providers.
  • 2) A More Exquisite Gambling Experience Placing bets on live dealer tables provides an entirely unique online gambling experience, and it is without a doubt the most luxurious one that US players can hope for when participating in online gambling. The odds are decidedly in favor of the live roulette games when contrasted with their random number generator equivalents, and there is little chance that this will ever change.
  • 3) Diverse Live Roulette Tables – The live dealer roulette games are available in a wide variety of exciting forms and table configurations. The best online casinos, as chosen by this guide, give players access to dozens of different game variants. European Roulette, American Roulette, Speed Roulette, VIP Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and a number of other variations are among the most popular types of roulette.
  • 4) Enticing Sign-Up Bonuses Gambling enthusiasts from the United States are easily convinced to sign up for an account at a live roulette online casino if there is bonus cash involved. Although the percentage that live casino roulette contributes to the wagering requirements of deposit bonus offers varies from one location to the next, most online casinos offer the game.

Live Dealer Games Available to Players in the United States

Let's take a moment to discuss the primary benefits of the live dealer format before we delve into the top live casino games that can be played in the United States. To begin, the vast majority of clients value the absence of RNG, which stands for random number generation. Live blackjack, on the other hand, employs real playing cards, just like you would find in a traditional land-based casino, in contrast to the typical computer blackjack game. You won't feel like you're missing out on anything by playing at home when it comes to the authenticity of the games.

The ability to communicate verbally not only with the dealer but also with other players is an additional convenient feature. Because of this, participating in the game is significantly more enjoyable and social. At multi-player tables, the action moves at a much more leisurely pace because the atmosphere is virtually identical to that of a traditional casino.

The Differences Between Live Roulette, Land-Based Roulette, and Online Roulette

Live roulette offers a number of benefits, but before we discuss those, let's examine how it stacks up against casino roulette and standard online roulette.

Nothing can compare to the excitement of going to a real casino and playing roulette at a table in person. On the other hand, you can't exactly play roulette whenever you want in a casino, so it's not quite as convenient as playing live roulette. You won't have as much privacy, and you won't be able to take advantage of the various bonuses and special offers that online casinos make available.

In addition to this, visiting a real casino will almost always require additional expenditures, such as money for travel expenses as well as money to purchase pricey beverages and snacks from the casino itself. Live roulette gives you the opportunity to experience the same level of excitement as traditional roulette, but in the convenience of your own home.

The standard version of online roulette, played with virtual tables and wheels, is another viable option; however, it does not provide a very realistic gaming experience. The betting limits in live roulette are typically higher than those in standard online roulette; however, this is not necessarily a negative thing.

The following is a list of some of the most exciting benefits of participating in live roulette:

It is exactly the same as playing roulette in a land-based casino, but it is done from the comfort of your own home. The players are able to observe the croupiers at work and even engage in conversation with them while the games are actually being played. Live roulette games are 100 percent fair. There are many different variations of live roulette to choose from.

Comparing the French, American, and European versions of roulette

French Roulette

The European wheel, which has 37 slots for numbers, is used in the game of French Roulette, which is a variant of the game of roulette. The wheel used in French roulette does not feature a second zero (00), in contrast to the wheel used in American roulette.

The house edge in this version of live roulette is the lowest of any variation we've seen. When playing French Roulette, the advantage for the house is only 2.70 percent. The "La Partage" rule, which is offered at some live dealer casinos, brings the "house edge" on even money bets down to 1.3 percent, which is a significant reduction.

When playing French roulette, there are a few minor rule adjustments that need to be taken into consideration, but other than that, the game is the same. Remember that French roulette offers YOU (the player) significantly better odds than American roulette does. This is the most important point to take away from this.

European Roulette

There is a widespread misunderstanding that "European Roulette" follows its own unique set of guidelines. In point of fact, it does not! The only difference between European roulette and French roulette is that the European version uses a European wheel rather than the American wheel that is used in French roulette.

On this wheel, there is a total of 37 numbers, but there is only one zero (o) present. The advantage of the house in European roulette is only 2.70 percent, which is a significant improvement over the advantage of the house in American roulette.

There are a number of live casinos that consider European roulette and French roulette to be the same game. Just keep in mind that the odds of winning at European or French roulette are significantly better than those of American roulette.

Roulette, American Style

The American variant of roulette can be found in all of the live dealer casinos around the world. The American roulette wheel has a 00 slot, which brings the total number of numbers on the wheel up to 38. This makes it very simple to differentiate between the two types of wheels.

The advantage for the casino in a game of American roulette is an astounding 5.26 percent, which is nearly double the advantage for the casino in a game of French (or European) roulette. The layout of the American roulette table is also a little bit different, but other than that, the gameplay is identical to that of most other roulette games.

If you have the option of playing French roulette or American roulette, you should play French roulette because the house edge in French roulette is lower than the house edge in American roulette. However, if you are in the mood for something more American and want to play roulette, there is a fun variation of that game as well.

Live Roulette FAQs

What makes the live dealer version of online roulette different from the standard online roulette?

The online game of roulette utilizes a random number generator (RNG) and simulated gaming tables, in contrast to the live dealer version of the game, which takes place in a real-world setting. Live roulette, on the other hand, is played in a studio with a real dealer who spins the ball on the wheel. Live roulette is played in a casino.

What exactly is the game of live dealer roulette?

Logging into your online casino, selecting the live roulette game you want to play, and then going to the live stream where you will play with a real person spinning the ball and other players at the same time is how you play the game known as "live dealer roulette." Live dealer roulette is a game that can only be played by real people.

Where can I find an online casino that offers live roulette?

You'll find that the websites we've reviewed and recommended above all offer live dealer roulette games that can be played online. Create an account, then head on over to the streaming section to claim your bonus and get started. After that, choose the table that has the betting limits and game variation that you prefer.

In a live game of roulette, what kinds of bets are available to players?

The table rules and betting limits determine the types of wagers that can be placed when playing live roulette games. In most cases, the standard roulette rules will be in effect. In addition, some websites offer VIP players the opportunity to negotiate higher maximum bets. You have access to the same full range of betting options that are available in traditional casinos.

In live online roulette, do the tables always have the same layout?

There is no such thing as a fixed or rigged game of live online roulette. There is neither an algorithm nor a video that has been prerecorded. In order to demonstrate this to yourself, you should ask the dealer a variety of questions. Additionally, the casinos are subjected to regular checks for fairness conducted by independent companies.

What is the most reputable live roulette casino available online?

Wild Casino is currently the best online casino for playing live roulette. Check out our recommendations up top to learn more about the websites that offer the best live roulette games.